Sheridan Auner (neé Spivey), B.A. 2016

USOPC - Manager, Trustee Engagement & Special Events – remote from San Francisco, CA

2016 Major: International Comparative Studies

How has being an ICS graduate from Duke helped shape you personally and/or professionally?

"The ICS program allowed me to pursue academic interests and passions without the confines of strict major requirements & career track parameters. I was interested in history, European studies, sociology, and political science and did not have a very clear career track or path. I think ICS was a great experience for me to find interesting topics to learn about and mostly to learn how to learn. I learned how to be an effective communicator, enhance my writing skills, and have confidence in public speaking. I was also able to enjoy so many great classes in different departments and bring that into conversations when I entered the workforce."

What advice would you give students in Duke's International Comparative Studies programs? 

"Take classes that interest you or challenge you to learn something new. Don't overthink the questions from parents or others asking what career comes from ICS or from the classes. Employers will not worry about your major, and your job is to find interesting connections and skills from your overall learning experience to apply to your internships and future jobs. If you work hard and apply skills that you learned, that will come through in your interviews."

Sheridan Auner (neé Spivey)