2009-2015 Honors Theses





  • Uchechukwu Anigbogu, Cultural Comingling: The Impact of Western Medical Conceptions on Igbo Cultural Understandings of Disease. Faculty Supervisor: Charlie Piot (Cultural Anthropology and African & African American Studies).
  • Stella Rose Dee, "The Thing That God Almighty Put on This Cassette": Translating Leadership in Mali. Faculty Supervisor: Bruce Hall (History).
  • Claire Elizabeth Lockerby, Owning the Intangible? A Historical Study of the Roots of Hopi Cultural Preservation and Knowledge Protection. Faculty Supervisor: Sarah Deutsch (History).
  • Ibrahim Maali, Hands Off District Six: A Case Study in Recalling Community Through Militant Non-Violence. Faculty Supervisor: William Chafe (History).
  • Katherine A. Soltis, "Biting the Bullet" and Banning Guns: The Brazilian National Referendum of 2005 and Its Defeat at the Polls. Faculty Supervisor: John French (History).
  • Michelle Yang Zhang, Mediating Modernity: Constructions of Urban Chinese Women in Ling Long (1931-1937) and ELLE (1988-1998). Faculty Supervisors: Ralph Litzinger (Cultural Anthropology) and Carlos Rojas (Asian & Middle Eastern Studies).


  • Benjamin David Arnstein, Offside: How Football and Futbol Confound Our Expectations. Advisor: Michael Newcity.
  • Kseniya Aleksandrovna Benderskaya, Suburbanization in St. Petersburg: The Socioeconomic Ramifications of Residential Deconcentration in the 21st Century. Advisor: Charles Becker.
  • Aislynn Leigh Cannon, A Life of One's Own: Women's Education and Economic Empowerment in Kenya. Advisor: Charles Piot.
  • Yasmina Chergui, Morocco's Years of Lead: A Look Inside Moroccan Prison Literature. Advisor: miriam cooke. 
  • Zhouma Drolma Gadou, Medicine Alone Will Not Heal You. Advisor: Diane Nelson.
  • Nicole Crystal Gathany, Antagonism and Syncretism: Spiritual Warfare and the Yoruba Identity. Advisor: J. Lorand Matory.
  • Ju Yon Kang, The Hidden Epidemic: Violence against Women in Haiti. Advisor: Deborah Johnson.
  • Joyce Sehee Kim, Migration, Mobility, and Becoming: Changing definitions of agency and maturity among migrant youth in Ghana.


  • Christopher Ever Bobadilla, National Salvation: The Division of Catholicism and the War for the Soul of Peru. Advisor: Dr. Diane Nelson.
  • Justin Alexander Brunet, The Cultural Appropriation of Flamenco and the Cuban Rumba by Francisco Franco and Fidel Castro.
  • Angela Chang, “Birds of Passage” and “Sojourners”:  A Historical and Ethnographic Analysis of Chinese Migration to Prato, Italy. Advisor: Sucheta Mazumdar.
  • Isabelle Nakesha Figaro, Religion and Social Movement Discourse:  An analysis on why religion is so powerful and why social movement theory has been insufficient to understand its nature
  • Diana Lynne Garibaldi, El Tango Extranjero: The International Role in Creating a National Symbol. Advisor: Deborah Jakubs.
  • Karolina Haraldsdottir, Flawed Tactics: A Discussion of the U.S. Government’s Faulty Approach to Criminal Drug Flow and the International Framework Required to Address it. Advisor: Guillermo Trejo.
  • Courtney Teresa Jamison, And the Winner Is...:  Politics and International Film Festivals. Advisor: Dr. Guo-Juin Hong.
  • Daoge Jin, Unity Through Diversity, Unity Through Uniformity:  Language Reform and the Making of Modern China and Turkey. Advisor: Erdag Goknar.
  • Danielle Johns, Historical Influences in Contemporary Discourse: Using History to Understand Affirmative Action in Ecuador and Brazil. Advisor: Michaeline Crichlow.
  • Neelima Navuluri, Provision and Protection: The Consequences of Refugee and Asylum Law and Policy in Ireland and the United States. Advisor: Suzanne Shanahan.
  • Niti Parthasarathy, Strangers and Stranger Places. Advisor: Magda Silva.
  • Shreya Prasad, Factors Influencing the Uptake and Utility of Genetic Risk Information about Type 2 Diabetes among Asian Indians. Advisor: Robert Cooke-Deegan.
  • Demitra Maria Sourlis, “…God will always be waiting for us…”  Reflections on the Role of Orthodox Christianity in the Lives of the Children of the Hogar Rafael Ayau. Advisor: Edward Rommen.
  • Ruth Carrie Tucker, “Ich Bin Deutsche”: The Effects of Political and Historical Education on German Youth Identity. Advisor: Jakob Norberg.