Career Paths

The ICS major prepares students for diverse and fulfilling career paths. Students who complete the ICS major learn to address problems from a global perspective employing multidisciplinary approaches. They learn to write persuasively, analyze with precision, communicate in a second or third language, and conduct independent research. ICS students leave with a wealth of knowledge of a particular region and language as well as an understanding of how complex contemporary and historical global processes work to shape our world.

Our students successfully go on to law, medical, and business school, as well as pursue graduate programs in Public Policy, Global Health, Anthropology, Creative Writing, Journalism, and History among other disciplines. The State Department, consulting firms, non-profits, and International NGOs routinely hire ICS alums. Our students have also successfully pursued careers in the arts, finance, design, filmmaking, global health, think tanks, teaching, and fundraising and development.