Funding Opportunities

Description & Criteria for Participation

  • An ICS Research Travel Grant will help support a period of independent research for an honors thesis during the summer before the senior year.
  • These awards may not be used to subsidize participation in a summer study-abroad program.  However, a rising senior studying abroad or participating in DukeEngage may use the grant to help fund an extended stay for independent research.
  • A research travel grant can only be awarded if a student is admitted to the Distinction Program and is enrolled in the honors seminar sequence.
  • ICS research funds are limited and awarded on a competitive basis. Awards are typically capped at $500. We strongly encourage application to other sources of research funding at Duke. The Undergraduate Research Support Office can help prospective honors students locate other funding sources. Most have deadlines in early March.

Applying for a Research Travel Grant

A student whose planned project will require research travel may apply for admission to the Distinction Program and for an ICS Research Travel Grant in the same process or later in the year in conversation with the ICS Distinction Program Coordinator.

An ICS Travel Grant application must include the following:

Project Title:

Brief description of method, research plan requiring funding support:

Be clear about why travel is necessary or whether you need funds for a visa, or describe the ways translation services or a particular software will allow you to make the most of digital primary sources. Does your archive or oral history repository charge for access or for sending you copies or downloads? Will you need to buy textbooks or DVDs and get them sent to you from outside the US? Students have used funds for getting around Durham or for helping interlocutors abroad buy a data plan that makes virtual interviews possible. We will work with you as best as possible to be sure you get the support you need.

Funds requested for: Summer; Fall or Winter Break (Circle 1)

Other funds received or applied for:

Detailed Budget (fill in all that might apply):

Be as specific as possible – do you want funds to pay for ubers to events you are observing, then say so and do your research on what it would cost; do you need to rent accommodations over the summer – again do your research and be realistic about what other funds you have.

Total Amount requested: