Contact Us

Key Contacts for Common Requests:

Contact Leo Ching if . . .

  • you are seeking ICS co-sponsorship for an event.

Contact Jessica Namakkal if . . .

  • you want to count a Duke course toward the ICS major, but it’s not on the approved list.
  • you are a faculty member interested in cross-listing an ICS course.
  • you have a question about counting a study abroad course toward the ICS major. 
  • you are thinking about doing honors in ICS.

Contact Briani Meyers if . . .

  • you would like to start filling out a Curricular Planning Form
  • you need to resolve a business or personnel matter.
  • you want to advertise an event or course to ICS students.
  • you notice a technical or content matter on the ICS website that should be fixed.