1989-2009 Honors Theses


  • Katherine Beck, Evoismo: the essential element to effective land reform? Advisor: Heather Williams.
  • Marissa Galizia, Sustainably Cool: Marketing Ecolabels as the New Cool Way to Consume. Advisor: Deborah Gallagher.
  • Guen Han, Inequalities in Application: The International Human Rights Regime and Human Rights in North Korea and Refugee Rights in China
  • Tara Hopkins, The Local Case: A Rural Health Clinic’s Journey through the Boundaries of Health. Advisor: Charles Piot.
  • Andrea Marston, Certified Equality: A Comparative Evaluation of the Impact of Mainstreaming Fair Trade on Rural Craftswomen. Advisor: Margaret McKean.
  • Katie Mikush, Creating Gangsters: The Moral Panic Over Latino Youth and Gangs in Durham. Advisor: Gunther Peck.
  • Jessie Weingartner, Expendable Youth: Impacts of Neoliberalism on the Chicago Public School system and the Belizean Education System. Advisor: Anne-Maria Makhulu.


  • Marjorie Elisabeth Bryan, Next Interface: New Conceptions of the Gendered Body in Postmodern Feminist Art in East Asia. Advisor: Laurel Fredrickson.
  • Andrew JC Cunningham, Rebalancing the Scales in Sino-African Relations: Transitions From Bilateral to Continental African Responses to China’s Emerging Hegemonic Interest in Sub-Saharan Africa. Advisor: Sherryl Broverman.
  • Vasavi Reddy Devireddy, The Social Dynamics of India’s Health: Understanding Caste. Advisor: Kathryn Whetten.
  • Andrea Dinamarco, Marta Suplicy and Benedita da Silva, Paths to Political Power and Electoral Success in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Advisor: John D. French.
  • Amy Winter Feagles, Tempted to Torture: A Comparative Analysis of the Use of Torture in the Algerian War of Independence and the U.S. War on Terror. Advisor: Claudia Koonz.
  • Laura Ann Heeter, Access to Healthcare and Education: Illustrating the Differential Citizenship Status of Chinese Migrants. Advisor: Anne Allison.
  • Kayleigh Marie O’Keefe, The Hypercommodification of Professional Club Soccer and the Emergence of Local – Global Fan Identities. Advisor: Orin Starn.
  • Kathleen Marie Stanton, Voices Lost in the Crossfire: Internal Displacement in Turkey. Advisors: Charles Thompson and Bahar Leventoglu.


  • Jie Gao, Viewing Japanese Extremism. Advisor: Liu Kang.
  • Amanda Pickens, Assata: A Reflection on Freedom. Advisor: Marcy Litle.
  • Nick Renner, Orange and Blue: A Cultural Study of Popular Symbols and the Discourse of Disengagement in Israel. Advisor: Rebecca Stein.
  • Melissa Richer, In the Eyes of Hunchbacked Warriors. Advisor: Ariel Dorfman. 
  • Jennifer Thompson, Secularity and Modernity: The Turkish Context. Advisor: Bruce Lawrence.


  • Hind Al-Thani, Origin. Advisor: miriam cooke.
  • Emily Antoon, Palestinian Women’s Identity in UNRWA, and Modes of Self-Definition. Advisor: Rebecca Stein.
  • Beverly Chang, Rationalization and Glocalization of Convenience Stores in Taiwan.
  • Jonathan D. Cichowicz, Organized Crime and the Russian Experience. Advisor: Michael Newcity.
  • Abigail Gray, Obstacles and Options: Reforming Muslim Personal Law in India. Advisor: Steven Wilkinson.
  • Yazan Kopty, The Specter Nation: Palestinian Refugees, Nationalism, and the Right of Return. Advisor: miriam cooke.


  • Maital Guttman, Mechina: A Preparation. Advisor: John Jackson. 
  • Milouska Hoppenbrouwer, Peru’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission: The Limits of Society
  • Julia Hueckel, Polak-Katolik: The Evolution of National Identity and Modern Political Discourse in Poland. Advisor: Edna Andrews.
  • Judd King, Islamic Politics in the 21st Century: Alternative Modernity or Alternative to Modernity. Advisor: Ibrahim Mousa.
  • Stephanie Miller, The Political Economy of Indigenous Identity: Intellectual Property and Bioprospecting in Peru
  • Ami Beruriah Paik, Western Zhou Bell-chimes and Mechelen Carillons: A Comparative Analysis of the Development of Bells Into Their Golden Ages in China and the Low Countries. Advisor: Brenda Neese.


  • Jeannette Osterhout, Increasing Access to Resources and Support Networks for Ecuadorian Youth with Diabetes.
  • Leah Pollak, Articulating Resistance: The Struggle for Autonomy of the Current Mapuche Movement in Chile. Advisor: Marcy Litle. 
  • Marlena Sierra Crippin, A Challenge to Hegemonic Stability Theory: Exemplary Cases within the Organization of American States and the World Trade Organization. Advisor: Judith Kelley.


  • Stacy Cooper Bailey, Militant Mothers and Radical Revolutionaries: Women's Experiences in the Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional and the Weather Underground. Advisor: Marcy Litle.
  • Elizabeth K. Colucci, Evaluating the Modern Extreme Right in Western Europe. Advisor: Suzanne Shanahan. 
  • Elizabeth A. Gulledge, Fundamentalist Movements and Globalizations: a comparative study of Hindu fundamentalism in India and Christian fundamentalism in the United States. Advisor: Steve Wilkinson. 
  • Scott McGee, Toward a Functioning Bilingualisms: Policy Proposal for Hong Kong multilingual development in the 50 year transition period from British colony to Chinese mega-city. Advisor: Carolyn Lee.


  • Bridget Barnes, The Artificiality of Patriarchy. Advisor: Martin Lewis. 
  • Ariana A. Curtis, Sexploitation: The rise of sex tourism in Cuba. Advisor: Marcy Litle.
  • Aniruddah Gopalakrishnan, Migration and Economic Policy: A Comparison of Two South Indian States. Advisor: Lori Leachman.


  • Karen A. Anderson, The Russian Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church in Lithuania: the experience of communism and their reactions to freedom. Advisor: Edna Andrews.
  • Alex Fattal, Photography and the Liberation Struggle in South Africa. Advisor: Alex Harris.
  • Mary E. Mackey, Comparative Crossfire: Explaining fun and violence and gun control in the United States and Canada. Advisor: John H. Thompson. 
  • Elisabeth Richardson, Community based social change and HIV/AIDS in the U.S. and South Africa. Advisor: Sheridan Johns.


  • Alexandra Motta, Darien: Panama's Vanishing Border.


  • Rachel Hannaford, Violent messages and cyber voices. 
  • Claudia Martinez, Eternal Ancestors. Advisor: Kären Wigen.


  • Melanie de Trindade-Asher, Temperance movements in France and Peru. Advisor: James Roberts.


  • Marc A. Sánchez, Religion, syncretism, and millenarism as manifested in Colonial Mexican Rebellions. Advisor: Marcy Litle.