2017-2018 Honors Theses

Maha Ahmed, Confronting the Imperial Narrative: Counter-Narratives from Iraqi and Syrian Refugees in Jordan. Research Supervisor: Suzanne Shanahan (Kenan Institute for Ethics)

Libby Dotson, Southern Mexico: Resisting theColonial Logic of Development Discourse & Agrarian Extractivism. Research Supervisor: Walter Mignolo (Program in Literature and Romance Studies) 

Razan Idris,“Is the Ex-Slave Equal to the Free Arab in Marriage?” The Debate Over Lineage, Race, and Freedom in Maliki Muslim History. Research Supervisor: Ellen McLarney (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies) 

Sydney McAuliffe,“There Must Be Another Way”: Negotiating Gender, Motherhood, and Ethnicity Between the Israeli Peace Movement and the Israeli State. Research Supervisor: Shai Ginsburg (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies) 

Parmida Mostafavi, Shukhi-ye Zesht o Tekrari: Performing Blackness in Iranian Entertainment. Research Supervisor: Negar Mottahedeh (Program in Literature) 

Katie Payne,“Going Native”: Non-American Foreign Correspondents and the Role of Objectivity. Research Supervisor: Phil Napoli (Public Policy) 

Chloe Ricks,“Last Stop Destination:” Poverty, Antiblackness, and University Education in the Mississippi Delta and Baixada Fluminense. Research Supervisor: John French (History and African and African American Studies) 

Leah Rothfeld, Stratification, Stereotyping, and Inefficiencies: Humanitarian Aid from the Perspectives of Syrian Refugees. Research Supervisor: Jessica Namakkal (ICS and Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies) 

Alena Sadiq, Rethinking Women’s Empowerment: Women Workers in Faisalabad’s Textile Industry (Audio documentary) Research Supervisor: Ameem Lutfi (Cultural Anthropology and ICS) 

Alex Viqueira, Telling Duke Students They’re Smart: Recycling Whiteness through the Elite University Experience. Research Supervisors: Michael Hardt (Program in Literature) & Eli Meyerhoff (ICS