ICS Capstone Research Prize

2022 Prize Winner

  • Catherine Elisa Howard: “The Myth of the Cuban Success Story: Race, Class, Sexuality, and Cold War Politics amongst 1959 ‘Golden Exiles’ and 1980 Marielitos," fall 2021 Capstone Seminar
  • Ana Rubi Trejo: “A (not so) Magical Carpet Ride for the Latinx Community in Dalton, Georgia” spring 2022 Capstone Seminar

2021 Prize Winner

  • Jacqueline Perez: "Estar en familia: ¿Dónde está el valor de lafamilia en los mensajes de salud que recibenlos Hispanos / Latinos?," fall 2020 Capstone Seminar 
  • Julia Ryskamp: "Indigenous Women, Caretaking, and Sovereignty: Creating Matriarchal Spaces of Resistance in Pipeline Protests," spring 2021 Capstone seminar

2019 Prize Winner

  • Matthew Tran: "Executive Chefs" and the "Other Asians:" Racialization in Physical and Online Food Spaces," spring 2019 Capstone seminar

2018 Prize Winner

  • Taylor Whitworth: "Glittering, Grooving, Global: Situating A-Wa in a Transnational Context," fall 2017 Capstone seminar 
  • Savannah Dixon: "The Role of Marthydom in Displaced Palestinian Communities within the the West Bank and Lebanon," spring 2018 Capstone seminar 

2017 Prize Winner

  • Mina Kim: "On the Issue of Comfort Women, Reparations, and Public Perception," fall 2016 Capstone seminar with Eli Meyerhoff
  • Chinyere Amanze: "Sacrality and the Motherland: An Examination of the Limitation of Time and Space Within Global Blackness," spring 2017 Capstone seminar

2016 Prize Winner

  • Carly Meyerson: "Alsatian Identity after WWI: Duality and Uniqueness Amidst a Nationalist Narrative," fall 2015 Capstone seminar

2015 Prize Winner

  • Sung Bae Park: "Multiculturalism in Korea: Neoliberalism and the Policy of Inclusion and Exclusion," fall 2014 Capstone seminar

2014 Prize Winner

  • Leilani Elizabeth Doktor: “Defining Democracy in Algeria: The Continuity and Change of Post-Colonial Political Representation,” fall 2013 Capstone seminar 
  • Kendra Veronika Kirsonis: "Invocation of the Child Soldier as ‘New’ War Rupture-Talk," spring 2014 Capstone seminar

2013 Prize Winners

  • Samuel Jacob Davis: “Transnational Cultures of Terror and Resistance: Palestinian Symbols on Belfast's Walls,” fall 2012 Capstone seminar 
  • Genevieve Desloge Werner: “Contemporary Armenian Art in the Middle East: Visualizing Nuanced National Identities in the Work of Vartan Avakian and Hrair Sarkissian,” spring 2013 Capstone seminar