ICS Capstone Research Prize

2015 Prize Winner

  • Sung Bae Park: "Multiculturalism in Korea: Neoliberalism and the Policy of Inclusion and Exclusion," fall 2014 Capstone seminar with Kathryn Mathers

2014 Prize Winner

  • Leilani Elizabeth Doktor: “Defining Democracy in Algeria: The Continuity and Change of Post-Colonial Political Representation,” fall 2013 Capstone seminar with Jessica Namakkal
  • Kendra Veronika Kirsonis: "Invocation of the Child Soldier as ‘New’ War Rupture-Talk," spring 2014 Capstone seminar with Leigh Campoamor

2013 Prize Winners

  • Samuel Jacob Davis: “Transnational Cultures of Terror and Resistance: Palestinian Symbols on Belfast's Walls,” fall 2012 Capstone seminar with Leigh Campoamor
  • Genevieve Desloge Werner: “Contemporary Armenian Art in the Middle East: Visualizing Nuanced National Identities in the Work of Vartan Avakian and Hrair Sarkissian,” spring 2013 Capstone seminar with Mary Hovsepian