2021-2022 Honors Theses

2022 ICS Senior Distinction Class poses a group.
2022 ICS Senior Distinction Class

Gabrielle (Belle) Allmendiger, “Multilingualism, Literacy, and Cultural Preservation in Uyghurs in Xinjiang and the Diaspora” Research Advisors: Leo Ching (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies) & Edna Andrews (Slavic and Eurasian Studies)

Alex Gorman, “Nigeria’s Militant Jihadism in the Mirror of the Media: the Creation of “Boko Haram” Research Advisor: Stephen Smith (African & African American Studies)

Hadeel Hamoud, “Named, Contested, and Unprotected: Climate Migrants in Sudan” Research Advisor: Erika Weinthal (Environmental Policy and Public Policy)

Hannah Kaplon, “Activist Spectatorship, Feminist Intervention, and Visual Peacebuilding: Mobilizing Intergenerational Perspectives on the Role of the U.S. Spectator in the Israel-Palestine Conflict” Research Advisor: Rebecca L Stein (Cultural Anthropology)

Wen Nin (Shania) Khoo, “Even if the Institution Forgets, We Remember: How Activist Memory Drives Duke Asian/American Student Organizing” Research Advisor: Calvin Cheung Miaw (History)

Matthew Majsak, “Reformation: Reassessing Narratives of North African Youth Political Engagement, a Decade After the Arab Spring” Research Advisor: Mbaye Lo (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies)

David Marin Quiros, “Finding Home through Migration: Narratives of Queer Refugees” Research Advisor: Samuel F. Daly (African & African American Studies)

Isaiah Mason, “Crossing the Cultural Divide: Italy to and for the African Migrant” Research Advisor: Roberto Dainotto (Literature)

Alexa Rooney, “Decontextualized Black History: Re-approaching the Historical Narrativeto Address Longstanding Silences” Research Advisor: Jessica Namakkal (International Comparative Studies) & Adam Rosenblatt (International Comparative Studies)

Amelia Shunk, “Community Building for People with ADHD: Evaluating Facebook’s Ability to Reduce Isolation and Provide Social Support” Research Advisor: Jenifer Hamil-Luker (Sociology)

Jeremy Yu, “Built Different: On the Social and Cultural Implications of Digital Gaming Culture” Research Advisor: Leo Ching (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies)