2016-2017 Honors Theses

Zarina Bentum, Teaching Africa: Decolonizing the African University. Research Supervisor: Kathryn Mathers (International Compartive Studies) 

Helen Cammerzell, The Children Left Behind: Orientalism, Patriotism, and Xenophobia in U.S. Textbooks. Research Supervisors: Ellen McLarney (Asian & Middle Eastern Studies), Eli Meyerhoff (International Comparative Studies)

Diana Dai, Working on the Inside, Living on the Outside: Migrant Domestic Workers in JordanResearch Supervisor: Frances S. Hasso (Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies)

Drew Haskins, Populist Pop: Turbofolk, Nationalism, and Violence in 1990s Serbia. Research Supervisor: Claudia Koonz (History)

Olivia Johnson, Policing Bodies in Transit: Borders, Detention, and Migrant Narratives Along the Balkan Route. Research Supervisor: Suzanne Shanahan (Kenan Institute of Ethics)