2015-2016 Honors Theses

Laura Brody, Confronting the ‘Post-Conflict' Label: An Exploration of Ethno-Sectarian Identity in Northern Ireland and Cyprus. Faculty Supervisor: Robin Kirk (Cultural Anthropology)

Tessa Deardorff, 'Three Tentacles of Terror': Israeli Securitization after the Arab Spring. Faculty Supervisor: Ellen McLarney (Asian & Middle Eastern Studies)

Rinchen Dolma, Anywhere Everywhere: Tibetan Refugess and the Battle against TB (A Documentary Film). Faculty Supervisor: Robin Kirk (Cultural Anthropology)

Elsa Gunnarsdottir, Volunteering in the Neoliberal Subjectivity: Repackaging Problematic Narrative of the Past. Faculty Supervisor: Kathryn Mathers (International Comparative Studies)

Leta Hallowell, Ignored Identities: Generalized State Representation and Varied Voices of Congolese Refugees in the United States. Faculty Supervisor: Jessica Namakkal (International Comparative Studies)

Iris Kim, The Intimacies between Tibet and Korea: Imagination, Religion, Politics. Faculty Supervisor: Hwansoo Kim (Religious Studies)

Emma Smith, The Role of Syrian Refugees in the Sharing Economy and Technology Sector in Germany: A Neoliberal Approach to Integration and Empowerment. Faculty Supervisor: Lori Leachman (Economics)

Sabrina Tager, Women in the Global Clothing and Textile Industry. Faculty Supervisor: Robert Korstad (Public Policy)