John Cichowicz, B.A. 2006

Vice President of Special Programs, Clear Ridge Defense, Baltimore, MD

2006 Major: International Comparative Studies and Russian

How has being an ICS graduate from Duke helped shape your professional success?

  • Provided baseline understanding and familiarization with Cultural Intelligence
  • Exposure to diverse ideas and concepts, drawn from a variety of disciplines
  • Established a jumping off point for future inquiry into future studies

Advice Jon would give ICS students:

  • Do coursework in as many Departments as possible within the Program to expand your knowledge base and gain exposure to diverse concepts / methodologies / points of view.
  • Take at least one statistics course and one computer science course while in the Program; exposure to these disciplines and cursory understanding, at a minimum, are critical to any career you may choose upon graduation.
  • Study abroad in a NON-ENGLISH speaking country. There is no better way to integrate and synthesize what you have learned in your ICS course work.
  • Consider an honors thesis! The research, analytical, time management, and writing skills you will gain, in a fairly low-threat, supportive environment, will pay dividends in your career and any future graduate-level studies you may pursue.
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