Region: South Asia Spring 2018

Dept Course Number Course Title Crosslistings
DANCE 357L Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma RELIGION 242 
AMES 252S Indigenous Journeys in South Asian Film and Literature AMI 287S, LIT 250S
HINDI 306 Advanced Hindi AMES 306
HINDI 408S Issues in Hindi Language and Society II AMES 408S
HISTORY 238S History of Political Nonviolence PUBPOL 248S
HISTORY 407S Globalization: Asia and Asian America ICS 412S, AAAS 407S, AMES 437S, GSF 412S
RELIGION 278S Epics of India AMES 253S
SES 373S Between Moscow, Beijing and Delhi: Narratives of Europe and Asia ICS 373S, HISTORY 216S
SOCIOL 345 Nation, Regions, and the Global Economy