Region: China/East China Spring 2018

Dept Course Number Course Title Crosslistings
AMES 141S  Audiovisual Cultures in East Asia: Film, Music, and Other Media  
AMES 183 The China Dream  
AMES 436 Graphic Asia: Visual Storytelling and Global Asian/American Networks ICS 264-01, AMI 236
AMES 476S Archiving and Visualizing Asia AMES 576S, ICS 411S, AMI 476S, LIT 476S, VMS 476S
AMES 511 Documentary and East Asian Cultures ICS 513, AMI 641, DOCST 511
AMES 535 Chinese Media & Pop Culture ISIS 535
AMES 605 East Asian Cultural Studies ICS 605, CULANTH 605 LIT 571
AMES 690S Topics: Global South: The Eastern Hemisphere CULANTH 590S, LIT 690S.02, ROMST 690S, 
CHINESE 306 Advanced Chinese II  
CHINESE 321S Business and Interculturality in the Chinese Society  
CHINESE 333 Advanced Literacy in Chinese  
CHINESE 408S Issues in Chinese Language and Society II  
CHINESE 456 Aspects of Chinese Culture and Society  
GLHLTH 270T-5 Voices in Global Health: Mandarin Tutorial AMES 270T-5-01  Half Credit
HISTORY 226 Ancient/Early Mod Japan AMES 267
HISTORY 227 The Emergence of Modern Japan AMES 269
HISTORY 514S Culture and Environment in Modern Chinese History AMES 531S
HISTORY     514S Culture and Environment in Modern Chinese History AMES 531S
JPN 306 Advanced Japanese  
JPN 407S Issues in Japanese Language and Society I  
KOREAN 306S Advanced Korean  
KOREAN  455S Korean Politics and Society  
LIT  302S Hashtags Memes, Digital Tribes AMES  402S, AMI 308S, GSF 320S, ISS 302S, VMS 349S
SES 373S Between Moscow, Beijing and Delhi: Narratives of Europe and Asia ICS 373S, HISTORY 216S
SES  388S  Illiberal Nondemocracies: Focus on Eastern Europe and Asia ICS 346S, HISTORY  331S,  POLSCI 301S, PUBPOL 317S
SOCIOL 345 Nation, Regions, and the Global Economy