Sarah Eileen Krueger '12 — Reporter for News 12


Sitting at my graduation ceremony back in May, I could not have been happier to have spent the past four years with the ICS department.  ICS allowed me to tackle a wide array of subjects yet also focus in depth on Africa, a continent where I grew up and am also very interested in academically. The ICS major, coupled with my Spanish major, allowed me to easily go abroad for a semester in Spain, and spend a summer in South Africa. Those two majors combined with my journalism certificate were the perfect blend of disciplines for my chosen career path.  Since graduating, I've been working as a TV reporter for a local station in New York City. Though the TV business is full of people who majored in broadcast journalism, I think my ICS major provides me with a more holistic and diverse approach to the stories I cover. I look back so fondly on my not-too-distant years at Duke, and ICS was certainly a part of that overall great chapter in my life.