Hannah Hellebush '11 — Parthenon-EY, Boston, Mass.

ICS was one of the most flexible majors in that I could sample courses from many departments while earning my ICS degree. I had interests in more quantitative majors like Economics as well as qualitative such as Art History, Anthropology, etc. I also had a big interest in language and was able to apply my credits from German language class towards my major, which was helpful. After Duke I went into management consulting, which is a profession that also requires a degree of flexibility with constantly changing clients, industries of focus, and types of projects (ranging from very quantitative excel-based analysis to distilling main ideas from 40+ qualitative phone interviews). But I was already used to flexing between writing papers to solving problem sets, so the transition was natural.

Advice Hannah would give Duke ICS students:

To those in ICS, because you have more flexibility than other majors it's even more important to get a sense early on of what types of courses you'd like to take. Speak to as many Juniors/Seniors/recent grads as possible to see what courses and what professors they really loved and start a list. Envision yourself two weeks after graduation and think about what types of courses you want to be able to say you'd taken at that point. Don't be intimidated by an area of study that is new or where you may be weaker academically; the whole point of college is to learn! Get to know your professors. They are some of the best in academia and it's amazing you have access to them now.