Amanda Sol Peralta '12 — Jopwell, New York, NY

My interdisciplinary degree allowed me to understand the same problem from various perspectives, a skill that's been crucial in allowing me to add value to the early stage startups where I've worked for the past three years. Other aspects of my degree that have helped shape me professionally: the power of writing concisely and effectively, and the importance of inquiry as I've brought a research and insights-driven approach to my roles.

Advice Amanda would give Duke ICS students:

The beauty of this major is that it allows you to span a huge breadth of disciplines, but I think it becomes most effective when combined with focus. When you find a subject matter, a project or an industry that you're passionate about, focus in on it and use the inquiry tools ICS gives you to approach that project from many angles. Being able to speak to tangible projects like that really bring the value of the degree to life in professional conversations.