Alexandra MacLeish, B.A. 2012

Princeton in Asia Fellow

2012 Major: International Comparative Studies; certificate in Global Health

"Two weeks after I graduated last May, I moved to Beijing, China as a Princeton in Asia fellow to work with a nonprofit social enterprise called The JUMP! Foundation. JUMP! works with international schools all over South East Asia and the Middle East delivering leadership programs based in experiential education. I've been with JUMP! for almost a year now as a Program Manager and have travelled all around the world, from Saudi Arabia to Oman to Malaysia (where I'm writing this post from). Living in China and working for JUMP! has been indescribable and I've had unpredictable experiences, filled with both challenge and reward. 

"My experience as an ICS major provided flexibility for me to bring more meaning to my Duke experience. Unlike other majors, I was empowered to choose my own courses and acquire knowledge on my own terms. This is a type of experiential education, which is a philosophy I have come to care deeply about. In addition to other parts of my Duke experience and my current job at JUMP!, ICS helped influence my view of education as a self-directed and self-driven process."

Alexandra MacLeish '12