2014-2015 Honors Theses

Diala Alqadi, "The Door that Cannot Be Closed": Citizens Bidoon Citizenship in the United Arab Emirates. Faculty Supervisor: Frances Hasso (Women's Studies, Sociology).

Alexa Barrett, The Living Disappeared: Using DNA Identification to Prevent Trafficking of Children on the Border. Faculty Supervisors: Misha Angrist and Sara Katsanis (Social Science Research Institute, Science and Society).

Jaclyn Grace, Chieftaincy Reimagined: Modernity and Tradition in the Chefferie of Batoufam, Cameroon. Faculty Supervisor: Kathryn Mathers (International Comparative Studies).

Laxmi Rajak, Voicing the Unheard: An Examination of the School Experiences of Nepali Dalit Students. Faculty Supervisor: David Malone (Program in Education).

Oluwatobi Runsewe, Nostalgia, Collective Memory, and Forgetting after Apartheid. Faculty Supervisor: Anne-Maria Makhulu (Cultural Anthropology, African and African American Studies).

Alexandra Schwartz, Furnishing a Globalized World: Local Distinctiveness in the International Furniture Industry. Faculty Supervisor: Gary Gereffi (Sociology).

Margot Tuchler, "Si alla Polenta, No al Cous Cous": Food, Nationalism, and Xenophobia in Contemporary Italy. Faculty Supervisor: Michaeline Crichlow (Sociology, African and African American Studies).

Arpita Varghese, Personal Laws in India: The Activisms of Muslim Women's Organizations. Faculty Supervisor: Robin Kirk (Cultural Anthropology).