2013-2014 Honors Theses

Fei Gao, Mobile Revolution: How Migrant Workers in China Use Social Media to Defend Their Rights. Faculty Supervisor: Ralph Litzinger (Cultural Anthropology).

Jonathan Hafferkamp, Reframing Youth Apathy in Jordan:  An Anarchist Approach to Politics in the Hashemite Kingdom. Faculty Supervisor: Abdul Sattar Jawad Al Mamouri (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies).

Julia Eun Min Park, Korean Study-Abroad Students: Identification and Beyond. Faculty Supervisor: Hae-Young Kim (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies).

Ieshia Smith, The Plastic Face: Nation-Branding and Personal Branding in 21st Century South Korea. Faculty Supervisor: Cheehyung Kim (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, History).

Chloe Songer, Branding Luxury: Japan, China, and Vogue. Faculty Supervisor: Leo Ching (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies).