2012-2013 Honors Theses

Gena Michele Olan, Franco’s Spain and the Jewish Rescue Effort During World War Two. Faculty Supervisor: Malachi H. Hacohen (History).

Elysia J. Pan, Beautiful White: An Illumination of Asian Skin-Whitening Culture. Faculty Supervisor: Gennifer Weisenfeld (Art, Art History & Visual Studies).

Jeline Dominique Rabideau, Application of the UNHCR’s “Ceased Circumstances” Cessation Clauses to the Rwandan Refugee Crisis. Faculty Supervisor: Frances S. Hasso (Women’s Studies).

Hannah Kate Sieber, Chinese “Sea Turtles” and Importing a Culture of Innovation: Trends in Chinese Human Capital Migration in the 21st Century. Faculty Supervisor: Timothy Lenoir (University Professor and Kimberly Jenkins Chair for New Technology and Society).

Alexis Kimiko Spieldenner, Voices of Four Generations: A Story of the Japanese Canadian Community from Issei to Yonsei. Faculty Supervisor: Leo Ching (Asian & Middle Eastern Studies).

Samantha Shea Tropper, France & the Headscarf: Exploring Discrimination through Laïcité and a Colonial Legacy. Faculty Supervisor: Ellen A. McLarney (Asian & Middle Eastern Studies).

Mihret Mengesha Woldesemait, Unfolding the Modern Hijab: From the Colonial Veil to Pious Fashion. Faculty Supervisor: miriam cooke (Asian & Middle Eastern Studies).