2011-2012 Honors Theses

Uchechukwu Anigbogu, Cultural Comingling: The Impact of Western Medical Conceptions on Igbo Cultural Understandings of Disease. Faculty Supervisor: Charlie Piot (Cultural Anthropology and African & African American Studies).

Stella Rose Dee, "The Thing That God Almighty Put on This Cassette": Translating Leadership in Mali. Faculty Supervisor: Bruce Hall (History).

Claire Elizabeth Lockerby, Owning the Intangible? A Historical Study of the Roots of Hopi Cultural Preservation and Knowledge Protection. Faculty Supervisor: Sarah Deutsch (History).

Ibrahim Maali, Hands Off District Six: A Case Study in Recalling Community Through Militant Non-Violence. Faculty Supervisor: William Chafe (History).

Katherine A. Soltis, "Biting the Bullet" and Banning Guns: The Brazilian National Referendum of 2005 and Its Defeat at the Polls. Faculty Supervisor: John French (History).

Michelle Yang Zhang, Mediating Modernity: Constructions of Urban Chinese Women in Ling Long (1931-1937) and ELLE (1988-1998). Faculty Supervisors: Ralph Litzinger (Cultural Anthropology) and Carlos Rojas (Asian & Middle Eastern Studies).