2010-2011 Honors Theses

Benjamin David Arnstein, Offside: How Football and Futbol Confound Our Expectations. Advisor: Michael Newcity.

Kseniya Aleksandrovna Benderskaya, Suburbanization in St. Petersburg: The Socioeconomic Ramifications of Residential Deconcentration in the 21st Century. Advisor: Charles Becker.

Aislynn Leigh Cannon, A Life of One's Own: Women's Education and Economic Empowerment in Kenya. Advisor: Charles Piot.

Yasmina Chergui, Morocco's Years of Lead: A Look Inside Moroccan Prison Literature. Advisor: miriam cooke. 

Zhouma Drolma Gadou, Medicine Alone Will Not Heal You. Advisor: Diane Nelson.

Nicole Crystal Gathany, Antagonism and Syncretism: Spiritual Warfare and the Yoruba Identity. Advisor: J. Lorand Matory.

Ju Yon Kang, The Hidden Epidemic: Violence against Women in Haiti. Advisor: Deborah Johnson.

Joyce Sehee Kim, Migration, Mobility, and Becoming: Changing definitions of agency and maturity among migrant youth in Ghana