Global Gender Studies: Interdepartmental Major for ICS and GSF

Do you want to study how individuals and groups from diverse gender, racial, ethnic, national, class and sexual backgrounds live in and engage with the world and how processes of global change are shaped by and shape gender and sexuality at multiple scales? Global Gender Studies (GGS), an interdepartmental major between GSF and ICS offers a way to answer these questions through a focused curriculum and research opportunities that explore gender, sexuality and feminism within a global and historical frame.

This major begins with the core ICS and GSF courses as a foundation for considering gender, sexuality and feminism in a global comparative and transnational contexts. You will then make up your major through a wide range of interdisciplinary classes taught in ICS, GSF and across other departments concerned with gender, feminist and sexuality in order to develop your own interests in the field of global gender studies.

Major Requirements: 14 Courses

Four Required Courses:

  • ICS 195: Comparative Approaches to Global Issues
  • ICS 489S: Capstone in Global Comparative Studies 
  • GSF 199S: Thinking Gender: An Introduction to Feminist Theory
  • GSF 369S: Transnational Feminism

Five additional ICS courses must be selected according to the following rules:

  • Two Courses must be taught by ICS Core faculty.
  • Three interdisciplinary Courses from an approved ICS list. Interdisciplinary course offerings will vary and evolve as new courses are added to the curriculum. 
  • At least four of the five courses must be 200-level or above, and one of those must be 400-level or above.

See Qualifying ICS Courses

Five additional GSF courses selected according to the following rules:

  • All five courses must be taught by GSF core faculty
  • At least four of the five courses must be 100-level or above, and two of those must be at the 300- level. This should be "GSF" courses

See All GSF Courses

Note: No Independent Studies may be counted towards the major.

Curricular Planning Form

Our Curricular Planning Form will track your progress in the major. Each GGS major must complete a Curricular Plan, updated with and approved by an advisor each semester, to assure they are on track toward fulfilling major requirements.

Download Global Gender Studies Curricular Planning Form (docx - 23.64 KB)

Degree with Distinction

Global Gender Studies IDM students who choose to pursue Graduation with Distinction may choose from the following two options:*

  • ICS 489S (fall term) and a fall and spring GGS Honors Independent Study sequence with their thesis adviser OR 
  • The ICS Honors seminar sequence (495S in fall and 496S in spring) and at least one GGS Honors Independent Study with their thesis adviser.

     *Either ICS 489S or 495S fulfill the GGS capstone requirement.