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What Is ICS? 

  • ICS is an undergraduate program with a focus on global and transnational studies. The ICS logo was designed by Pinar Yoldas, Ph.D. candidate in Art, Art History & Visual Studies at Duke, who represented "the seven continents as seven different colors overlapping each other." 

  • ICS has graduated over 1,500 alumni since it was established by Duke faculty in 1973. Until 2004, the major was named Comparative Area Studies and required students to study two regions of the world. 

  • Interdisciplinary region coursework and study away experiences offer ICS majors knowledge in the culture(s), history, politics, and language relevant to one geographic area of the world or region concentration. ICS majors take four foreign language co-requisite courses in a language used in their focus region to deepen their historical, political, and cultural understanding. ICS majors deepen their knowledge of transnational and global dynamics through global coursework offered by faculty members in many departments and programs.

  • ICS majors share a common foundation of class experiences and knowledge in critical transnationalism derived from their participation in the interdisciplinary core courses, ICS 195, Comparative Approaches to Global Issues, and ICS 489S, Capstone Global Studies Seminar. Seniors who produce outstanding research in the Capstone Seminar are awarded the ICS Capstone Research Prize. ICS also has a strong Distinction/Honors program whose students have produced a range of exemplary work. A faculty committee determines an annual undergraduate winner of the Distinguished Thesis Award

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Academic Dean for ICS Majors: Norman Keul

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